5. Religion - Ancient History

The major religions of today were started during the Ancient History. But it is important to remember that the first religious manifestations appeared around 100,000 BC with the ancient rituals of burial of the dead along with their spoils reflecting a belief in the afterlife. During prehistory there were also some forms of animal worship. And the great mother goddess worship, considered the first major religion that developed around 30,000 BC.

More in antiquity with the development of society that emerged the first religions and mythologies. The Egyptian mythology originated around 3000 BC and was originally a polytheistic religion. Already the Greek mythology seems to have evolved from ancient religion practiced by the Mycenaean civilization of the Bronze Age and influenced other mythologies as the Roman. The Iliad and Odyssey are the major epics of Greek mythology, attributed to Homer that were probably written at the end of the eighth century BC.

The Sumerian or Babylonian mythology is one of the earliest mythologies and religions influenced other middle eastern. For example, the biblical ideas of man's creation and Noah's flood are closely linked to the Sumerian tales. Greek mythology is also influenced by Babylonian mythology with many stories in common.

The main text of the Babylonian mythology is the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is considered one of the earliest known works of literature. It is believed that its origin are various Sumerian legends and poems about the mythological hero-god Gilgamesh, which were gathered and compiled in the seventh century BC by King Ashurbanipal. Some archaeological finds of fragments of text dating from around 2000 BC.

Among the current religions Hinduism was the first and appeared before the historical records of mankind, but their four main text called the Vedas were written around 1500 BC in India. Buddhism appeared around the fifth century BC based on the teachings of Buddha. In the same period the prophet Zoroaster founders the Zoroastrianism, a new religion created by the Persian civilization arises during its heyday. Confucianism emerged in China in the fourth century BC by Chinese thinker with Kung-Fu-Tse better known as Confucius.

Among the three main monotheistic religions Judaism today was the first to be created around 1200 BC and has its starting point the return of Jews to Palestine known as Exodus.

Another major monotheistic religions Christianity is based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Christianity began in the first century as a sect of Judaism, sharing with this religion sacred texts.

The last of the great religions today is Islam. A monotheistic religion that emerged in the Arabian peninsula in the seventh century, now in middle age, based on the religious teachings of the prophet Muhammad and a sacred scripture called the Qur'an.


Religion / Mythology Start Important Name
Babylonian/Egyptian/Greek 3000 B.C.
Hinduism 1500 B.C.
Judaism 1200 BC Moses
Buddhism 500 BC Buddha
Zoroastrianism 500 BC Zoroaster
Confucianism 400 BC Confucius
Christianity First century Jesus Christ
Islam VII Muhammad

5. Religion - Ancient History

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